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VR stone markers

VR RestorationRestoration work Wirt Għawdex has taken on the project of restoring and re-erecting  the many VR stones that used to be  a common sight around the island.   These were indicators that that particular parcel of land belonged to the Government (Victoria Regina).

Over the years, these stones had either collapsed or been removed from their original sites.  Wirt Għawdex has been slowly and painstakingly looking for and collecting pieces of these stones .   They are then re-assembled, restored and erected again in their original spot.

More than 15 have already been put back in place and awareness about their historical importance has grown so much that farmers and the general public now recognize pieces of them they see buried in their fields or lying abandoned and contact us to go and collect them.  Wirt Għawdex is also recording them and plans to create a database showing the location of each one. 

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