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2014 - St. George Statue

This stone statue of Saint George was originally made for the corner of  Library Street and San Gorg tal-HagarBeforeSt. George Street in Victoria.  In 1925 it was replaced with a larger statue, also of Saint George, which is still there today and locally known as ‘San Gorg tal-Hagar’.

An early 20th century aquarelle by Edward Caruana Dingli (National Museum of Arts) shows the original smaller statue still in that corner.  It is probable that when it was moved in 1925, it was re-located to a street wall across from the main entrance to the Gozo Seminary.  Some time later, it was moved once again to its present location across from the Pompeii convent.  Although most people know this statue either as painted white all over or with the stone material showing through, this painting by Caruana Dingli clearly shows that the statue was fully coloured at that time.St George 2 1After

The restoration of this statue of Saint George situated on the wall of a private residence in Enrico Mizzi Street required extensive work.  The statue is made of Globigerina limestone and  was heavily eroded and missing some parts which included one hand and the dragon’s head.  All restoration work had to be done in situ due to the fragile state of the statue.  Once the statue was cleaned, the original colours could be seen in the stone and these colours were confirmed through a scientific analysis of paint samples from the statue.  The statue has been painted in these original colours and is now complete including new lighting.

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