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2014 - Our Saviour statue

Restoration works were undertaken on the statue of Our Saviour located across from the DSC01958BeforeCapuchin Church, Capuchin Street, Victoria. The statue depicts Christ the Saviour standing and holding a large cross.  The sculptor is unknown but the relief of Our Lady of Sorrows on the statue's plinth is by Gozitan sculptor and artist Guzeppi Agius, known as il-Brejbex (1893-1948).  At the low end of the cross, there is a bas relief of an obelisk and below that there are three initials - F.I.L.

The statue is made of globigerina stone and salt had started to disintegrate the stone wherever water tended to accumulate, such as around fingers and toes.  It had also been badly eroded due to exposure ot he elements and the restoration work included not only the repair of existing damage, but also overall treatment to mitigate future damage.Salvatur II.1After The top part of the cross, which is made from a separate piece of stone, had been attached to the rest of the cross using tile glue.   The statue had been most recently painted white but this paint covering was almost totally chipped or peeling away.  Strong cement had also previously been used to cover or fill in damaged areas.

The removal of the remainder of the white paint uncovered hidden sculptural details as well as the original brown colour of the cross in contrast to the rest of the figure of Christ.  Thus the statue was re-finished in these orginal colours with a natural stone colour applied to the plinth.

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